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up to 7,000 euros, with a message only

The figure of the fake reviewer of the light has always existed. What happens lately is that, in order to refine their technique, these offenders are opting for new ways to perpetrate their deeds. In particular, use of digital media they have at their disposal to continue scamming their victims: owners of bars, greengrocers, butchers, grocery, restaurants… that, suddenly, they receive an unexpected call or an e-mail unpredictable. From here, begins a whole litany of nerves, lies and stress that will believing the deception that they are subjecting.

The modus operandi it’s simple: get in contact with them, tell them they have two outstanding bills and or pay immediately or I cut them light. The self, which only wants to keep his business afloat, almost no doubt, and uses the data that they have contributed to make the admission. For then, the scam is already finished. To all this we must add the fact that criminals tend to act on Friday or Saturday so that the victims have no margin of manoeuvre and to pay in any case.

Keep in mind that, normally, bands my well structured in which each member performs a certain function: from the study of the business in particular to the execution of the threat. In fact, whether with a first call you are not able to achieve his goal, then retry a second time. In this way, in the worst case, you have come to subtract up to € 7,000 in a single operation.

According to data of the National Police, for the moment, 110 people from across Spain have already suffered. And the last well-known organization was broken up in march of 2020. It traveled around the country in search of new targets to the body of security was detected, in Merida, a thread to pull. Thanks to this track, they found out that the entire process is directed from Parla and Ciempozuelo.

There they discovered that the band was organized in three levels. In the first, were the subjects in charge of buying the prepaid mobile and enlist the emails. They were in charge of calling victims and posing as an operative of the light. We must not lose sight of that, as a general rule, selected those businesses that are living a limit situation for the pressure to be even greater. For this reason, the majority agreed to pay. Thus, making the payment to bank accounts controlled by individuals acting as mules. In the second ranks, were in charge of selecting people who, in exchange for a small percentage of economic, to put their accounts available to the group to receive the stolen money. And, in the third level, were in charge of their extraction.

In any case, it is important to know that an electric company will never act in this way as discretionary: you cut off the light from one day to another, nor given you an account number to make an immediate income, since in these cases there has to be an official documentation by means that try as much debt as the payment.

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