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Day increases of 0.2% in sales in 2020 despite reducing its network of stores

DAY still thinning their network of stores while improving its performance. The operational improvements that have been introduced, as well as a supply of fresh improved for their clients and the advancement of your online business, you are allowing slowly righting the ship after overcoming the turbulence both of management and of government of the past. Depending on the progress of results has been release today, the group won the past year a sales of 6.882,4 million euros, compared to 6.870,4 million by 2019, which represents an advance of 0.2% in absolute terms and 7.6% more in comparable terms (Like-for-Like). In the last quarter of the year, reached a turnover of 1688 there million, a 5.6% lower in absolute terms, but a 6.9% better in comparable counting with a network of stores also a 6.9% less than the one you had before (6.169 establishments).

In Spain, its main market, the company continued during its last quarter with its strong positive sales despite having a 8% fewer stores than in the same period of 2019. In comparable terms, it achieved an improvement of 10%, to 1.143 million (9%) in absolute terms, sustained in the “improvement of assortment and a new layout of the store, which has boosted significantly the sales of fresh”, as explained. The company has continued with the continued expansion of online services and express delivery. Thus, the service of express delivery covers already 90% of the population in cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants and through their own channels and alliances.

In Portugal also improved at the end of the year sales absolute (7.6%) and comparable (5,2%), to 157 million, although, as explained, the “increase of the restrictions implemented by the Government regarding the opening times of the shops on weekends during the final weeks of the year due to the Covid-19”. Their online service currently covers the main cities of Lisbon and Oporto and the express service is deployed in 100 stores, primarily through alliances in all the regions in which DIA is present.


DAY also achieved in Brazilwith 212 million of billing, a remarkable backward movement of sales in the total (33%), though its net sales declined 6% in local currency, with an 11% fewer stores in the year as a result of the closure of locations are not profitable and the fall of widespread consumption. The amount of sales in euro has been affected by a devaluation of the brazilian real from 29% during the period. In the “Like-for-Like” advanced by 6% due, according to the chain, to offer improved assortment, the continued development of its own brand, as well as for the implementation of the express delivery service.

In Argentina, its net sales increased 26% in local currency, thanks to a better operating performance, the improvement of assortment and new layout of the store “that supports the supply of fresh in a macroeconomic context challenging”. The amount of sales in euros were affected by a devaluation of the argentine peso, from 31% in the period. The comparable figure, which fell 1.6%, was impacted by low consumer confidence and consumption levels, although it is improving.

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