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Who is calling you with hidden numbers: so you can find out

They call constantly from hidden numbers and you choose not to take the call, but I would like to know who is calling to find out if it is really someone that you cogerías the phone or is it a company that is only doing phone spam. What is more certain is that, at the end, opt for the first option, as you run the risk of wanting to return it and not be able to.

Well, currently there are applications that are able to find out. However, the hidden numbers as such have been disappearing because of legal issues and because the user who receives a unknown call usually does not catch it.

Therefore, the companies and marketing companies have changed strategy. What we usually do today is to call from a number not open but unknown to the userand each time from a different one so that the user ends up picking up a call “just in case” is something important. To know who is behind one of them, there are several applications that can be very useful.


It is an app simple and very useful that has been developed by a team of spaniards. Contactive crosses the data of the number that called with the bases existing in the network to achieve identification. This helps us to prevent calls from companies with commercial objectives that are often not of interest to us, but also for private users who do not have saved the contact -it is in our hands to answer or not. This application is available on Android.

You can download it here.

Who’s calling

We often receive WhatsApp messages from someone unknown. The first thing we ask ourselves is “Who is this person that has written to me?” because neither of us sounds like your profile picture, or the number from the who has written. Who’s Calling us will be of great help in these cases if you are on Android, as we can reveal the identity of the person who is behind the unexpected, and suspicious message. The same thing is able to do with the messages from Facebook Messenger, or messaging services like.

You can download it here.


This program has a large database of millions of phone numbers and uses it to locate the identity of the one who calls us with an unknown number. In this case, in addition to “chivarnos” if it is a company that wants to advertise their products also allows us to block the number if we call back on another occasion. To identify the caller offers to us, in addition, information about the same (images, opinions in social networks…) that the own Truecaller has been found on the Internet.

You can download it here (Android) and here (iOS).

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