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The zebra crossing more strange of Spain becomes viral

It is not unusual to see Donald Trump, Pedro Sanchez, Mario Casas or Taylor Swift between the trending topic Twitter. In fact, to us it seems normal. We’ve gotten used to it. These are characters that, whatever they do, they generate debate. And that, in a way, is what feeds this social network. Once, it is true, there are other names like Katy Perry, Amaia, Aitana or José Coronado. And also what we perceive as if nothing. However, the same does not happen when the list is filter another type of words.

The last great boom tweeter has starred in a zebra crossing. Yes, like the one that you have in front of the house to cross the road. Only that it has a certain particularity. But, beyond that, it is like any other. What is so special about this one, which is located in Sant Vicent del Raspeig (Alicante), has discovered the user @rubengumpert: their enormous curvature.

“It is specially suitable for areas of transit, multi-directional pedestrians as this intersection. This is an action that adds to the proceedings of the consistory to make San Vicente the city more pedestrian friendly, a line that we will continue to work,” explained the councilor of Recruitment, Jesus Arenas, The Information.

The photo was not slow in becoming viral, accumulating 43.500 I like, And 4,700 retweets and nearly 500 comments. Between them, messages from other users that also have their great discoveries of the road.

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