New York City, 9 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Hass Kwame, owner of Danyaki Art & Design, a New York business that specializes in producing a creative hybrid of art and design ideation for tastemakers across the globe, has just been endorsed by Pepsi. Kwame is headlined in Pepsi’s “It’s a New York Thing” ad campaign, which saw the popular carbonated company soft drink maker endorsing Kwame with $10,000 to Keep his “New York Thing” going.

In the video ad campaign that can be seen on Pepsi’s official YouTube channel, Kwame was seen working on some designs in his studio with a PET bottle of Pepsi drink on his work table. In the video, he said, “The word Danyaki means a fighter, a warrior, a survivor, somebody who’s a go-getter. So when I found art and it just connected me directly to my childhood back in Ghana, I was inspired.

“New York is the best. You can be whoever you want to be. I waited tables to pay for art school. Working in a restaurant introduced me to aprons. When I found aprons, I said this is my next canvas. The chef started wearing this. So when you look around, everybody is a piece of art.”

He continued while drinking Pepsi from the plastic bottle.

Kwame says that his style is called ideation, which translates to being unapologetic, and not following the rules.

Speaking further, he says, “I’m very blessed I came to New York to chase the dream. The culture here, the music, the food, and my apron just being on top of that, I just love it. ‘It’s a New York thing’ ”

Asked what makes his iDeation painted aprons so soft, flexible, and wearable? Kwame said, “It is my secret sauce of color mixture ratio. Every chef has their secret sauce, my secret is color ratio combo.”

As an artist, Kwame has collaborated with other reputable brands with several accomplishments under his belt, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Created face mask for Uber eats.
  • Created aprons for Facebook.
  • Featured on the cover of BOOK OF DENIM – Amsterdam to talk about his art and life in New York.
  • Invited by Buzzfeed to display & showcase his art, talk about it, and sold to the staff as well.
  • Early 2021, Hass Kwame signed a contract with Metropolitan Montessori school to teach 4th to 6th graders how to create his ideation style of art.
  • Kwame created aprons for food and wine magazine for their annual food and wine festival.

So far, the video ad campaign has garnered over 23.46k views on the Pepsi YouTube channel since it was posted on July 7, 2021. It can be viewed via this link:

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